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"Opening Your Eyes To A World of Possibilities Through Education & Learning"


36 Fully Accredited Courses 

Short Courses

339 Short Courses (Accredited & Non-Accredited)

Master Classes

101 Master Classes

Training Courses

118 Training Courses for employers & businesses 

Special Programmes

65 Special Programmes


We are very fortunate to have been able to inspire over 45,000 learners across the UK and Ireland from we started back in 2017.

Through our tailored learning experience we open our learners eyes to a world of possibilities, we encourage you to go beyond your comfort zones and engage in learning and knowledge transfer which will change how you see yourself and the world around you.


We pride ourselves in offering both formal and informal education and learning through a network of local and international facilitators. Each of our facilitators share our values and importantly the passion to aid each learner each and every step of the way.  

We look to create communities of learning and knowledge and encourage our people to play their own role in sharing what they have learned with others. 

We strive to support and empower people to take ownership of all aspects of their learning journeys, whether they work in the community, business or other important sectors. 

Importantly, we look to build and create a family of learners in communities and business who can work together to make society a better and stronger place for us all to live.

If you would like to join one of our unique courses our book us for your organisation we would love to hear how we can help meet yopur learning and education needs.


Humble Beginnings

Utopian Learning started as a small local training provider, delivering learning to grassroots leaders and volunteers within the community and voluntary sectors. Many of our learners, empowered  and enthused with their new found knowledge, were able to take the first big steps in bringing about changes in both their communities and their own lives, safe in the knowledge that had been imparted to them

About Us
Serving Northern Ireland PLC

From there, our relationships grew with many local and indeed national organisations and charities and in 2018 we were very fortunate to be able to deliver over 30 various accredited and non- accredited learning courses to over 10,000 learners. At the start of 2019 we began to expand our training and knowledge across a number of sectors as we were kindly invited along to deliver new ideas, inspire learners and teach people new and exciting ways to approach various topics. 

Sustained Growth

By the end of 2019 we have successfully expanded  our learning hubs to cover 15 distinct learning areas and are able to offer our learner over 600 accredited and non- accredited courses as well as over 100 master-classes. We have delivered training and support to over 25,000 learners and now have 28 professional tutors who are leaders in their respected fields across both the community and voluntary and private/ corporate sectors.


​We continue to take a deep sense of pride in being able to deliver all of our clients training needs and value a strong relationship with our learners as we strive to ensure that they are empowered to put their learning into application.

Training: Peace & Reconciliation

During 2019 and 2020 we have been fortunate to deliver training and support to over 5,000 participants, both young and.... that wee bit older, working with a wide range of Peace IV providers and SEUPB contracted organisations.

Our courses have ranged from level 3 and 4 courses in community leadership within Antrim & Newtownabbey Council  right through to level 1 courses in diversity and good relations and active citizenships within Newry & Mourne Council and Mid and East Antrim Council areas respectfully.

​Later this year we will be embarking on delivering a number of accredited courses in Peer Mentoring, Youth Leadership and Community Development within Newry and Mourne Council area as part of Peace IV.

​Utopian Learning has been fortunate and indeed proud to become a trusted leader in delivering practical training courses to help empower our people living within their own communities.

Weathering the Storm: Covid-19

Like many small enterprises, Utopian Learning was unable to deliver much of its planned face-to-face training from March 2020.

Instead, we did what we do best, help support our learning communities at home. We offered a number of free courses online for those who wanted to help and support their communities through this most difficult period, as well as to partner a number of charities and organisations in providing free information and skills development workshops.

Our Courses

Our Accredited Courses

At Utopian Learning we offer all our learners the opportunity to fulfil their learning needs, whilst ensuring we can match their learning to an appropriate qualification.

All of our courses are fully accredited by the Open College Network Northern Ireland (OCN NI) and the National College Network (NOCN) within the UK. Qualifications using the QCF rules are made up of units at a given a level according to their difficulty, from entry level to level 8. The title of a qualification will tell you its size and level. Each unit has a credit value which tells you how many credits are awarded when a unit is completed.


The credit value also gives an indication of how long it will normally take to prepare for a unit or qualification. One credit will usually take approximately 10 hours of learning. This provides flexible ways to get a qualification by allowing our learners to build towards the achievement of a qualification by being awarded credits for the completion of units.

We offer a full range of accredited courses across the following learning areas.

• Community Development

• Mental Health & Well-Being 

• ICT Skills

• Children & Young People

• Youth Work

• Professional Development 

• Personal Success & Life Skills

• Employability & Work Place Skills

• Training For The Workplace

• Health & Safety

We also offer non accredited training in

• Finance & Bookkeeping

• Sales & Marketing 

• Leadership

• HR & Governance

Change Agents


PILLAR 1 - Introducing you
PILLAR 2 - Physical Wellness
PILLAR 3 - Mental Toughness & Resilience
PILLAR 4 - Emotional Intelligence
PILLAR 5 - Exploring Relationships
PILLAR 6 - Values & Self-Esteem
PILLAR 7 - Building Confidence
PILLAR  8 - Measuring Success
"They Always Say Time Changes Everything, But You Actually Have To Change Them Yourself"- Andy Warhol

We are different; because you are different
The Change Agent Inside YOU

'I wish I knew 30 years ago what I know now'..... was the words of a young man at 28 as he battled with both his metal and physical well-being, his life and his future. He had so many questions??

Had everything that he could imagine...... but in his own world he was still failing!

Yes, that was me and my life journey, confused, anxious, lacking confidence and many other problems associated with poor well-being. I was educated, but not educated! Empowered to help others, but not myself! My mind was quickly not mine anymore, certainly not the one I can remember growing up with! I needed answers..... fast. I had to become my own CHANGE AGENT.

"I can't thank Edward and the team enough in how they helped me turn my life around. My past is my past. Learning how to leave it in the past whilst focusing on how to build my confidence, become more resilient, build new relationships and how to plan for my future was incredibly powerful. Today I now have an organisation called Sea Change NI which works to support young people from making the same mistakes that I made in my younger days." Alan McGrath President Sea Change NI

"I wish I knew 30 years ago what I know know" and at Change Agents we want everyone to know what we know now.

Today, we live in an era were information has never been so readily available, support is all around us (physical & digital), but why are so many people from a young age being swept away in the rivers of life? 

Change Agent Programme

The Change Agents programme has evolved over a period of 8 years to help to make sense of the tides of information readily available, whilst presenting it in a way which is both easy to understand and apply, no matter what your age.  Our aim is to support and inspire people to grow and bring about changes to both their physical and mental well-being, as well as their overall lifestyles. We work to establish your understanding of the 8 key pillars, how they impact on your life and how to apply your new learning into every day life experiences.

Our programmes help introduce new knowledge about the important factors that can impact on your overall well-being, how you can improve in these areas and give you practical tips on how to take control of these vital life-skills in helping to support your own growth and future success.

Change Agents has supported well over 25,000 participants transform their lives whilst building an individuals understanding of the 8 key pillars which act as vital building blocks in growth, change and success.

  • Introducing You

  • Physical Wellness

  • Mental Toughness & Resilience

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Exploring Relationships

  • Values & Self Esteem

  • Building Confidence

  • Measuring Your Success

The programme has been developed in partnerships with health professionals, mental health practitioners and educationalists, to ensure that all of the learning has been appropriately tailored to support a variety of user groups on their own unique journeys.

  • Children Age 5-12

  • Youth Age 13- 24

  • Adults 24+

Supporting Your Journey of Change

At Change Agents we understand that people learn at different paces, adapt to different styles of learning, have different life experiences and that change and growth can happen for people in many different ways. We understand that everyone is different, that's why are programmes and

  • Blog Discussions

  • Additional Learning Materials

  • Seminars & Webinars

  • Extra Learning Modules

  • 1-1 Support

Many of those who take part in the programmes go on to help support others and become advocates themselves for the powerful learning and information that Change Agents parted to them. Over the years we have also inspired, encouraged and supported individuals who we have mentored to create their own unique programmes to help others within their communities and organisations.

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